1)Visit the bay of Mercury which was the first port of the area in ancient years. This greenery area with the crystal clear waters will make you want to swim and explore the great sea life. Behind this beach there is the Mercury wine company producing wine from the most rare varieties .

2)Visit the Mythical and Tyganonisi islets places famous for their breathtaking scenery.

An ancient town called Phia is buried at the bottom of the sea after a destructive earthquake that struck the area . Divers often found ancient items of that age. So don’t miss a dive or snorkeling above the ancient Phia and depending on the sea strems who knows you might see ruins from this town . Excellent place for swimming ,snorkeling to explore the area with your masks and flippers and enjoy your snack at the remote little island which was created after the earthquake. Also, Tyganonisi islet is the home of seagulls, ideal place to take photos.

3)A visit to Nisakoulia , or Icthys Cape a place below the lighthouse of Katakolon with crystal clear water ideal for swimming, snorkelingand of course don’t miss applying to your body natural clay (argile) taken from the white cliffs of the area . Apply the clay and relax under the hot sun.